Tip One – Plan your game!

Have an idea about what you’re going to play and ensure your games are prepared, that they have the right pieces and batteries (if required).


Tip Two – Involve everyone

The key to the perfect games night is to ensure everyone joins in. Make sure your teams are balanced with children and adults if you need to. Or if the game allows, a parent vs. kid’s session always ensures for a great competition!

Tip Three – Don’t be restricted with time

Games night can be any time of the day, and any day of the week! If it’s wet, cold or miserable outside it’s the perfect time to get together indoors.

Tip Four – Choose games that are fast-paced and fun!

A three-hour long game will surely lose interest of little ones early on. Make sure you pick a selection of games that require quick thinking and excitement, to keep the kids on the edge of their seats and wanting more!

Tip Five – Have some great snacks

An important ingredient to the most memorable Little Tikes games night? Having some tasty, healthy and rewarding snacks on board! A feast for all the senses…

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